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Thread Rating: 27 Vote s - 3. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Hi guys, Been having this weird problem with my car from last week. Basically, its an idling problem and power loss. Cold start up its fine, once the engine gets up to temperature, and I switch the car off and start again, it starts fine, but the idle drops to just below rpm, then the car catches itself and idles normal rpmbut the needle fluctuates ever so lightly.

Then power has been down significantly. In 5th gear it feels as if the 'vano's I assume it has is not adjusting at all.

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But in the lower gears 1,2,3 I can feel it, but power is down throughout. I have taken it for a diagnostic and everything seems fine, all sensors indicate everythings operating within range. I have tried checking for vacuum leaks, but only removed the airbox, seemed fine.

Tried unplugging the MAF, but the idle just goes crazy then, starts jumping up and down, but higher. Also while idling, unscrewed the oil cap and idle becomes 'lumpy'. Have read that it could be the crank case vent valve, but would that cause a significant power loss?

Inspected the coils also, seemed fine. This forum rocks BTW, very imformative Edit to add: Changed the Voltage regulator thingy on the alty and Crankshaft sensor 2 weeks ago genuine part and car ran fine. Problem seemed to start after I gave a Kombi a boost - followed all the correct procedures. So not sure what to do now! Loss of power between andalmost so that you stall the car? Have your VVT motor checked I will be on the other side if anybody needs me.

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Thanks for the reply boet. Yebo, loss of power also. Ouch, VVT motor sounds expensive.BMW 3-Series introduces line of premium autos for the middleclass which belong to D-Segment in accordance with European classification. Mass production of BMW 3 Series offers line of engines of different versions and modifications. You can easily choose the one from such a great variety that will certainly meet all your demands and expectations.

BMW 3 Engine line starts from the weakest versions of 1. At the same time diesel motor fans will also have a chance to choose the most appropriate version from wide range of diesel BMW 3 Series engines which can vary from 2. Here you will find overviews and detailed descriptions of BMW 3-Series engines including top motors. Our overviews will provide you with information about motor types, codes, locations of their codes, weight, possible problems and drawbacks, malfunctions reduced power, misfiring, trembling, vibration, noise, squeak, oil leaking, overheat, shaking idle and other possible problems which can occur.

bmw 318i problems

You will be provided with useful tips and recommendations connected with repairing works, oil, tuning for city ride, upgrades, mods, motor lifespan and many others.

You can compare and contrast all available versions and choose the best BMW engine for your purpose. BMW i 99 HP — 1. BMW i HP — 1. BMW i HP — 2. BMW e HP — 2. BMW d 86 HP — 2.

BMW tds 90 HP — 1. BMW d HP — 2. BMW i HP — 3. Mitsubishi 4G Honda K20A K20C. Honda K24A K24Z. Honda R18A. Honda R20A. Honda L15A L15B. Honda L13A L13B. Honda D15B D15A. Honda D17A. BMW S50BHello There, Guest! Login — Register. Thread Rating: 28 Vote s - 3. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Any 1 have a list of common E46 i facelift problems.

Here’s Why The BMW E46 330ci Is The Best Bargain Today

Want them to try and check as much as they can on the car befor I get it back. Control arm bushes Diff mounts Radiator expansion tank. Mine at k - k -control arm bushes -vacuum hose -vacuum pump O-ring behind cylinder head leaks oil -Crank shaft sensor - models -one Aircon Compressor -Expansion tank -oil use: about ml per 20 km -air intake boot leak -rear light cluster ground wire burnt x2 -1 clutch -2 x front brakes -4 x ignition coils failed -Final stage resistor failure -Diff mountings wear Possible problems: -broken gear leaver linkages -petrol pump failures -auto transmission failures -camshaft sensor failures that's why is sold that car.

Too many problems caused by inadequite maintenance from previous owners. That is not BMW's most reliable engine according to me. Although, i have seen a i with k km's even if it is with Engine mounting problems. I used to use about ml every km, and BMW wouldnt even investigate when I was on motorplan, they say that it is well within spec oil usage for the M That is weird Cuz i honestly i have not added a drop of oil into my since i got it in August last year and I've accumulated about 39k km's.

None of my friends with M54's said they use oil either. Maybe it could be a ring gasket in one of the cylinders not sealing. Have you had a compression test done yet? Nope, I havent had any tests done, from reading up at e46fanatics I see that there are quite a lot of guys that complain about oil usage by the m54, and many that say theirs doesnt use a drop like you.

But as I say, since changing to LiquiMoly, my oil consumption is right down. I'm also changing my valve cover gasket this weekend which is currently leaking, I'm not sure how much oil is lost there though.

Hi Are you talking about the aircon function or the fan not blowing air into the cabin? I spoke to someone in the know and also did some reading: Oil consumption like fuel consumption is directly related to and influenced by your driving style.

So this may vary from person to person. Since my wife is mostly with me when we drive, i consequently drive like an old woman. Thus lower my oil consumption. Hello Guys "Car hesitates under acceleration, in all gears, up to rpm, beyond which it is as smooth.

Cold start is also horrendous. I have a E46 i Individual with k km on the clock. Cold start is very bad, as if it is only firing on 2 of the 4 cylinders almost.

bmw 318i problems

After the 3rd or so try normally get it started, once I can get rev's to rmp it idles fine. Car is on k km and problem has become much worse, when it was in 95k range had in in twice, no errors found and valves set - somewhat better for a week or so, then issue again as be4. I'm about to go on an expensive sensor replacement spree as technicians can't seem to pinpoint. Further info The car hesitates under acceleration, in all gears, up to rpm, beyond which it is as smooth as it should be right up to the red line.

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Between rpm the car bogs and kicks when put under heavy load. If you ask for light acceleration then it is not so bad but when you ask for some grunt it just stews.

bmw 318i problems

The worst it possibly behaves is when in slow moving city traffic when you would expect the engine to be at its warmest. Anyone ever experience anything like this?BMW instrument clusters are known to have a number of issues ranging from dead pixels problem to gauge not working or the instrument cluster display losing power.

These problems can be experienced after jump-starting a dead battery but can also be due to extreme weather or due to the age of the vehicle. BMW cluster issues can range from complete or partial loss of LCD, fading Information display, back Light burning out and even gauge stepper motor failures. Instead of replacing the cluster which can be expensive use a repair service that will change the LCD and the ribbon cable on your existing cluster.

A BMW repair service is much cheaper than replacing the cluster. You will have to remove your cluster and send it in for repair. The mileage and other settings on your cluster remain the same, no need to program your cluster. When the fuel, temperature, MPG, speedometer, tachometer needles get stuck or barely move the problem can be the stepper motors that move the needle. To fix this problem you will either have to replace your BMW cluster or fix your existing cluster.

You will have to remove and ship your existing BMW cluster to get it repaired. You may notice that during the day it is difficult to see the lights on your BMW cluster. Increasing the cluster light intensity using the dimmer button does not fix the problem. First, check that the dimmer switch is not the problem.

The dimmer switch itself can fail. Also, a common problem is the backlight cluster bulbs burning out. Some models such as the M2 are known to have visibility issues. Part of the problem is that the M2 has low contrast silver letters. Manually switching on the lights or programming the dashboard lights to always be on helps slightly but does not solve this problem. Many BMW owners report that the instrument cluster stops working after the car is jump-started.

Functions such as fuel gauge, tachometer, digital display, odometer and speedometer stop working. This problem can sometimes be fixed by resetting the instrument cluster for at least 10minutes.

You can reset your BMW cluster either by removing the cluster fuses, using a diagnostic scanner or unplugging the cluster itself for a few minutes. Note that there can be up to three fuses related to the IC. Note that this problem can also be caused by a bad capacitor on the PCB. Follow these instructions to jump start BMW properly. On BMW that are 10 years or older capacitors inside the instrument cluster can fail.

Replacing the failed capacitor will bring your BMW instrument cluster back to life. Solder joints on the PCD can crack causing intermittent issues where one or more instrument cluster functions such as odometer stop working. The instrument cluster can be removed and the joints including the connector pins should be inspected and resoldered if they have any cracks. LCM is located in the front passenger footwell. It can get wet causing issues and instrument cluster malfunctions.

Resetting the cluster will often fix a BMW instrument cluster problem. Don't worry, resetting the cluster does not clear your odometer mileage reading. There are a few ways that you can reset the cluster.Please consider being a site supporter. Last post by FunElan. Servicing a valeo single Yesterday PM. Comprehensive Brake Info Last post by dask Last post by yobayn.

Ultimate Supercharger Last post by deayge. Last post by Thatrattyrx7. Engine Won't Start - No Last post by Harsh. Ti weigh-in AM. Last post by maximussmurf. How the FUEL pump relay Howdy from VA PM.

I wish they still made the E8x Rear Subframe Rust. Ask all your questions about the possible purchase of a ti. Keep in mind, we are biased.

Rarity of California Roof? Howdy from VA. Discuss "organized" racing, car set-ups, driving techniques, track tips, events, driving schools, maintenance and more. Ti weigh-in. New here so lets arc you all Happy Birthday M5Yates. For sale. Sub-Forums : Announcements. Oil Filter Housing Leak fix Identify Bolt. Car audio headunit options. Will this front right fender Yesterday AM. Engine Won't Start - No Power Ultimate Supercharger DIY for Differential parts Heater Core.

Just installed BC Racing Servicing a valeo single mass LA wheel, Star Spoke 17"It is the fourth generation 3 Series, after the E21, E30 and E It was replaced by the E90 platform in The E46 generation is one of the most popular 3 Series models. It combined attractive styling with impressive performance in a relatively compact package. It also is a far more durable platform than the previous E36 3 Series. There are, however, a few areas to pay attention to if you are looking at buying or already own an E This does not cover the more specialized M3.

The E46's 2. On occasion the engine's ECUs electronic control unit need to be rebuilt by BMW to fix rough idles, flat spotting or problems with power delivery. This was experienced in 3. Early cars should also be checked for unusual noise from the belt tensioner.

Both the M52 and M54 came with water pumps that really need to be replaced every 60, or so miles. Likewise it is recommended that the radiator be replaced at 90, miles as preventative maintenance. Early E46s ball joints are a known weakness but can be replaced with the later and stronger ball joints.

Rear coil springs have been known to break. Should this occur, replace both. As on the E36, the E46 3 Series has been known to suffer the dreaded rear floor failure. This occurs when the rear suspension mount literally rips out of the floor. This causes not only a dangerous situation but a hefty repair bill. Some early all wheel drive E46s had issues with the driveline that require replacing the driveshaft, transfer case or rear differential.

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Some owners have complained of heavy steering in some model year cars. BMW has retrofitted some of these cars with later steering racks to add more power boost and make them easier to drive at parking lot speeds. Also on model years cars, owners have reported vibrating steering which has been traced to defective front control arms and rotors. The E46 interiors, as a general rule, hold up well.

Problems are usually limited to a failed radio display. The sunroofs are also a problem area on early E46s. BMW's fix sometimes involves replacing almost the whole sunroof.

bmw 318i problems

To prevent problems it is recommended to grease the sunroof tracks regularly to keep the sunroof from failing. The sunroof switch has also been known to "lose" the initialization for the sunroof position. To reset the switch, note the position of the sunroof and then hold the switch in that position for 20 seconds. All E46 3 Series are great cars if maintained properly.

BMW 318i Problems

Most of the issues are associated with the early cars but when buying any model, a pre-purchase inspection is recommended. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us.The BMW 3 Series was introduced in as a two-door, however it was arguably the second-generation version released inwhich started what is today a benchmark small executive car in terms of handling and interior quality.

We're going to concentrate on cars built afterwhen the fourth generation, or E46, 3 Series was first launched. That model came with 1. It was available as a saloon, estate, coupe or cabriolet, and an automatic gearbox could be mated with every engine in the range.

Inthe E90 3 Series appeared. It was completely re-engineered with new looks, engines and platform. It came as a 1. The M3 now got a 4. Once again, the 3 Series was available as a saloon, cabriolet, estate or coupe and every engine could have an automatic 'box. It features a host of fuel-saving technology, a fresh face and brand new interior. There's a 1. It's available in either saloon or estate variants and, again, an automatic gearbox can be paired with every engine in the range.

BMW 3 Series airbags problem ''05 cars Some cars built between September and April had problems with their airbags. It is possible that the side airbags will trigger when no accident has occurred.

Wiring diagram case 580 se

This is down to a faulty safety isolation switch. BMW 3 Series braking problem ''05 cars Cars built between September and April are susceptible to braking problems. The connection clip between the brake pedal and the brake servo could become loose. Under heavy strain, it could result in a complete loss of braking.

BMW 3 Series brake light problem ''05 cars Some cars built between September and October had issues with their brake lights. The light switch circuits can fail and stay on a continuous flicker or overheat.

13 Common Problems on BMW E46 Chassis Models

BMW 3 Series cooling fan problem ''05 cars Cars built between February and May are at risk of problems to do with their cooling fan. A manufacturing error could cause the electronics to thermally overload and be destroyed. In rare cases this could lead to fire. BMW 3 Series suspension problem ''05 cars A selection of cars built during November had issues with their suspension. The ball bearing in the front suspension strut top mounting might not have been securely fitted.

If weight is taken off the wheel for any reason the ball bearing could work loose. BMW 3 Series fuel injection problem ''05 cars Some cars built between November and January had issues with their fuel injection systems. The bearings on the high-pressure fuel injector pump can fail, resulting in a stalled engine.

Bmw 318i problems

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